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Analysis of the Lepton Mixing Matrix in the Two Higgs Doublet Model



E. Barrada s Guevara, O. Felix Belt ran, F. Gonzalez Canales, E. Gonzalez Hernandez, E. Rod riguez Jauregui, M. Zeleny Mora


In the theoretical framework of Two Higgs Doublet Model (2HDM) plus three right-handed neutrinos we consider a universal treatment for the mass matrices, aside from that the active neutrinos acquire their small mass through the type-I seesaw mechanism. Then, as long as a matrix with four-zero texture is used to represent the right-handed neutrinos and Yukawa matrices, we obtain a unified treatment where all fermion mass matrices have four-zero texture. We obtain analytical and explicit expressions for the lepton flavour mixing matrix PMNS in terms of fermion masses and parameters associated with the 2HDM-III. Further, we compare these expressions of the PMNS matrix with the most up to date values of masses and mixing in the lepton sector, via a likelihood test. We find that the analytical expressions that we derived reproduce remarkably well the most recent experimental data of neutrino oscillations.


Neutrinos; Seesaw; PMNS matrix; 2HDM-III.


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