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Thermoluminescent Characteristics of Li2B4O7 Doped with Mn2+ and Eu3+ Ions



P. Trejo-García , E. Cruz-Zaragoza, R. Aceves, J. E. Espinosa, R. Palomino Merino


Analysis of thermoluminescent properties were made for two samples; Li2B4O7, Li2B4O7:Mn2+:Eu3+. These samples were prepared by melt quenching method. The glow curves of the samples show two broad peaks at 160º C and 245 ºC, and a high peak at 130ºC for Li2B4O7 doped. The response of the materials were analyzed according to the doses (0.2-80 Gy), fading (0- 72 hours) and reproducibility of the experiment (10 times). To determine how the glow curve is formed, thermal bleaching for a dose of 5 Gy were made from room temperature to 300º C. Besides, X-ray diffraction patterns were recorded to identify the structure and grain size of the samples.


Lithium tetraborate, rare earths, thermoluminiscence


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