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Implementation of a Low Cost For Internal Dosimetry Radiological Survey of Ionization Radiation Exposed Workers In Nuclear Medicine Services



J Valle, A Angeles and T García


Because the nature of the routine activities carried on in nuclear medicine services, where several not sealed radioactive sources are used, the occupational personal exposed to ionization radiation (POE) is exposed to both, internal and external radioactive contamination and direct radiation also. The most important radioisotope from the point of view of radiological risk in such Nuclear Medicine Services (NMS) is the 131I. The Mexican official regulatory organization in radiological and nuclear safety: Comisión de Seguridad Nuclear y Salvaguardias (CNSNS) specify, as a requirement in the operation license of Nuclear Medicine Services the mandatory of internal and external dosimetry survey of POE. The external dosimetry survey is normally carried out but the internal dosimetry survey is not easy to do, because internal dosimetry systems are too expensive and in Mexico there are only three organizations (CFE-CLV, ININ, CNSNS) where there are these systems but they aren´t easily available for the Nuclear Medicine Services. Because that before fact, we propose a single, and low cost system (SLCS) to survey the internal dosimetry of POE. This system is based in a scintillation NaI(Tl) 2x2 detector and a common radiation monitor tipically used in the routine radiation and contamination measures, with a minimal infrastructure investment. This system is numerical calibrated with Montecarlo method, and compared with an well established commercial System being a good function corresponding. This system is easy to implementing in any nuclear medicine to complain the requirement of operation license in the internal dosimetry POE survey.


NaI(TI) detector, Energy Calibration, Efficiency Calibration, MCNP.


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