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Effects of Low-Energy Laser Irradiation on Sperm Cells Dynamics of Rabbit (Oryctolagus Cuniculus)



J.M. De Jesús-Miranda, I. A. Mandujano, F. Méndez3, Y.J. Castillo, J. Mulia, C. García, Y.E. Felipe and D. Osorio-González


Infertility is a world disease in which a couple is unable to achieve pregnancy. There are numerous parameters to determinate fertility; nevertheless, sperm motility is by consensus one of the most important attributes to evaluate male fertility. Contributions to a better understanding of this crucial parameter are imperative; hence, the aim of this investigation was to assess the effect of low-energy laser irradiation on sperm cell dynamics in thawed samples that were cryopreserved. We used a 405 nm blue laser beam to irradiate spermatic cells from rabbit inside a temperature-controlled dispersion chamber at 37 °C; then, we applied an image recognizing system to calculate individual sperm trajectories and velocities. We found that sperms raise its motility after irradiation suggesting that λ=405 nm is an optimal wavelength for spermatic photo-stimulation.


sperm motility, photo-biostimulation.


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