Studies on Neutron, Photon (Bremsstrahlung) and Proton Induced Fission of Actinides and Pre-Actinides


  • H. Naik Radiochemistry Division, BARC, Mumbai- 400 085, India
  • G. N. Kim Department of Physics, kyungpook National university, Daegu702-701, Republic of korea
  • S. V. Suryanarayana Nuclear Physics Division, BARC, Mumbai- 400 085, India
  • K. S. Kim Department of Physics, kyungpook National university, Daegu702-701, Republic of korea
  • M. W. Lee Department of Physics, kyungpook National university, Daegu702-701, Republic of korea
  • Ganesh Sanjeev Microtron Centre, Department of Studies in Physics, Mangalore university, Mangalagangotri-574 199, karnataka, India.
  • V. T. Nimje Accelerator and Pulse Power Division, BARC, Mumbai- 400 085, India
  • K. C. Mittal Accelerator and Pulse Power Division, BARC, Mumbai- 400 085, India
  • S. Ganesan Reactor Physics Design Division, BARC, Mumbai- 400 085, India
  • A. Goswami Radiochemistry Division, BARC, Mumbai- 400 085, India



Fission products yields, mass yield distribution, photon, neutron and proton induced fission, actinides (232Th, 238U), re-actinides (natPb, 209Bi), nuclear structure effect


We present the yields of various fission products determined in the reactor neutron, 3.7-18.1 MeV quasi-mono energetic neutron, 8-80 MeV bremsstrahlung and 20-45 MeV proton induced fission of 232Th and 238u using radiochemical and off-line beta or gamma ray counting. The yields of the fission products in the bremsstrahlung induced fission natPb and 209Bi with 50-70 MeV and 2.5 GeV based on off-line gamma ray spectrometric technique were also presented. From the yields of fission products, the mass chains yields were obtained using charge distribution correction. From the mass yield distribution, the peak-to-valley (P/V) ratio was obtained. The role of excitation energy on the peak-to-valley ratio and fine structure such as effect of shell closure proximity and even-odd effect of mass yield distribution were examined. The higher yields of the fission products around A=133-134, 138-140 and 143-144 and their complementary products explained from the nuclear structure effect and role of standard I and II mode of asymmetric fission. In the neutron, photon (bremsstrahlung) and proton induced fission, the asymmetric mass distribution for actinides (Th, u) and symmetric distribution for pre-actinides (Pb, Bi) were explained from different type of potential fission barrier.


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