Beta Decay Studies of Nuclides in the Heavy Region


  • M. K. Preethi Rajan PG Department of Physics and Research Centre, Payyanur College, Payyanur-670327, Kerala, India
  • R. K. Biju Department of Physics, Pazhassi Raja NSS College, Mattanur-670702, Kerala, India
  • K. P. Santhosh School of Pure and Applied Physics, Kannur University, Payyanur Campus-670702, Kerala, India



Beta decay, Mass Parabola, Nuclides


In the present work we studied the β-decay of various isotopes in the heavy region using the empirical formula of Fiset and Nix. It is found from the half-life that as the neutron number increases the possibility of β-decay increases. From the dependence of beta decay half-life on neutron number of parent and Q-value, we modified empirical formula of Fiset and Nix for beta decay half-life. We also developed an empirical formula for the Z-value of most stable isobar against β-decay. From the study of mass parabola for different isobars with mass number ranging from 200-223 it was found that the lowest point in the parabola, which is the Z-value of most stable isobar against β-decay, matches well with our formula predictions.


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Rajan, M. K. P.; Biju, R. K.; Santhosh, K. P. . Beta Decay Studies of Nuclides in the Heavy Region. J. Nucl. Phy. Mat. Sci. Rad. A. 2020, 8, 43-53.