Neutron-Proton Scattering Phase Shifts in S-Channel using Phase Function Method for Various Two Term Potentials




n-p Scattering, Phase Function Method (PFM), Matrix Methods


The scattering phase shifts for n-p scattering have been modeled using various two term exponential type potentials such as Malfliet-Tjon, Manning-Rosen and Morse to study the phase shifts in the S-channels. As a first step, the model arameters for each of the potentials are determined by obtaining binding energy of the deuteron using matrix methods vis-a-vis Variational Monte-Carlo (VMC) technique to minimize the percentage error w.r.t. the experimental value. Then, the first order ODE as given by phase function method (PFM), is numerically solved using 5th order Runge-Kutta (RK-5) technique, by substituting the obtained potentials for calculating phase shifts for the bound 3S1 channel. Finally, the potential parameters are varied in least squares sense using VMC technique to obtain the scattering phase-shifts for each of the potentials in the 1S0 channel. The numerically obtained values are seen to be matching with those obtained using other analytical techniques and a comparative analysis with the experimental values up to 300 MeV is presented.


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