Recalculated Viola-Seaborg Coefficients for Partial Alpha Half-lives Based on AME2016




Viola-Seaborg formula, Alpha-decay, Half-life and Partial half-life


In this paper, the systematics for obtaining the Viola-Seaborg formula (VSF) for logarithmic partial alpha half-lives (Tα1/2) have been undertaken based on the NUBASE2016 evaluation. The constants Az and Bz in Geiger-Nuttal law for determination of Tα1/2  , are obtained using gs-gs transitions data, of even-even nuclei for two sets of nuclei with Z = 84 - 102 and Z = 86 - 98 with N > 126. The Viola-Seaborg co-efficients are determined for both the sets. The obtained parameters for both sets are tested on even-even nuclei for Z ranging from 104 - 118 and it is observed that first set parameters fare better. This formula for estimating α-decay half-lives of heavy nuclei can be extrapolated to predict those of super-heavy nuclei. The logarithmic half-lives Tα1/2 obtained for isotopes of Z = 121 and 122 using current modified VSF (AME2016) are compared with those obtained from theoretical considerations using Coulomb and proximity potential model (CPPM) and observed to be much larger. They are also much larger than those obtained from the previous coefficients based on AME2003 data.


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