Welcome to Journal of Nuclear Physics, Material Sciences, Radiation and Applications

The "Journal of Nuclear Physics, Material Sciences, Radiation and Applications” (J. Nucl. Phy. Mat. Sci. Rad. A.) is a peer reviewed, refereed, bi-annual open access Journal. One can freely access the journal’s article online at www.jnp.chitkara.edu.in

Aims and Scope:

The aim of the Journal is to create and develop a scientific platform for researchers, giving to their work scientific strength, promotion and sharing globally with scholars primarily in the field of theoretical and experimental development of Nuclear Physics and Radiation. Journal publishes papers that meet the needs and intellectual interests of researchers working in physical sciences and closely related fields. It is published twice a year (August and February).

The J. Nucl. Phy. Mat. Sci. Rad. A. contains research articles reporting experimental and theoretical results in all aspects of nuclear physics, including the nuclear forces and few-body systems, nucleon-nucleon interaction, nuclear structure, nuclear reactions, rare decays and fundamental symmetries; hadronic physics, heavy-ion physics; hot and dense matter, neutrino physics, nuclear physics of stars and stellar explosions; nucleosynthesis; nuclear equation of state; astrophysical neutrino physics; cosmic rays; dark matter. nuclear materials, interaction of plasmas, ion beams, electron beams, neutrons and electromagnetic radiation with materials, including defects, microstructural changes, phase changes and macroscopic properties, basic science studies of radiation effects on livings in the area of physics and environmental sciences.

Materials Science topics not addressing nuclear and radiation applications are out of scope for the Journal. All topics within radiation research & applications without relevance to the subject do not necessarily fall within the scope. Topics lie outside the scope of the Journal will not be considered, but the author can visit other journals of Chitkara University Publications (publications.chitkara.edu.in)

Article Categories

  • Letters
  • Regular Research Articles
  • Reviews

Letters: Letters must devote to the publication of short papers presenting highly original and significant work. Their aim is fast and concise communication of important results. Letters should not exceed 4 journal pages including maximum of 4 figures and two tables in the journal format.

Regular Research Articles: The articles describe original work, or provide details of original work previously published or new relevant work related to the field. Submission of regular research article should not exceed 12 journal pages.

Reviews: Reviews are by invitation only through the Editorial Board. There is no general limit to the overall length they may contain, but should not be restricted to, original work. Reviews will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Comprehensive reviews of major topics within the "Aims and Scope".
  • Reviews of a newly emerging field, providing an up-to-date analysis and an extended discussion of the open questions.

Topics lie outside the scope of the Journal will not be considered, but the author can visit other journals of Chitkara University Publications (www.publications.chitkara.edu.in).


Name of the Journal Journal on Today's Ideas - Tomorrow's Technologies
ISSN Print 2321-8649
ISSN Online 2321-9289
RNI No. CHAENG/2013/51628
Periodicity of the Journal Two times a year as mentioned in the below table


Issue Number Month
Issue-1 August
Issue-2 February