Aim & Scope

The aim of this open-access journal is to share the latest development and trends in the areas of Nuclear and Radiation Physics among the researchers. It provides an opportunity for scientific strength, promotion, and globally sharing their work, primarily in the field of theoretical and experimental developments of Nuclear, and Radiation Physics. The Journal publishes papers that meet the needs and intellectual interests of researchers, two times in a year (bi-annually publications i.e. August and February).

The J. Nucl. Phy. Mat. Rad. A contains research articles reporting experimental and theoretical results in all aspects of nuclear physics, including the nuclear forces and few-body systems, nucleon-nucleon interaction, nuclear structure, nuclear reactions, rare decays, and fundamental symmetries; hadronic physics, heavy-ion physics, neutrino physics, nuclear physics of stars and stellar explosions; nucleosynthesis; nuclear equation of state; neutrino physics; cosmic rays, nuclear materials, the ion beams, electron beams, neutrons and electromagnetic radiation with materials, including microstructural changes.

Materials Sciences topics not addressing precisely nuclear and radiation applications are out of scope. Also, the topics within the radiation physics research (medical physics its equipment and electronics, etc.) do not necessarily fall within the scope. Topics lie outside the scope of the Journal will not be considered, but an author can visit other journals of Chitkara University Publications (