Formation of Medium-Heavy Elements in Rapid Neutron Capture Process


  • M. Ikram Department of Physics, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh-202002, India
  • S. K. Singh Institute of Physics, Sachivalaya Marg, Bhubaneswar-751005, India.
  • S. K. Patra Institute of Physics, Sachivalaya Marg, Bhubaneswar-751005, India.



Neutron Capture Process, Medium-Heavy Elements, FRDM model


We predict the neutron drip-line and simulate the r—process path for Cu — Sn, based on the calculation of binding energy in the frame-work of relativistic and non-relativistic mean field formalisms. We also compare the quadrupole deformation parameterβ2, and one neutron separation energy Sn of these isotopic series with the results of finite range droplet model (FRDM) prediction. the results produced by RMF and ShF are comparable to each other and also agreeable with the FRDM model.


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Ikram, M. .; Singh, S. K. .; Patra, S. K. . Formation of Medium-Heavy Elements in Rapid Neutron Capture Process. J. Nucl. Phy. Mat. Sci. Rad. A. 2014, 2, 1-14.