Effect of Magnetic Fields on Charged B Meson Decays

  • Sukadev Sahoo Department of Physics, National Institute of Technology Durgapur–713209, West Bengal, India
  • M. Kumar Department of Physics, National Institute of Technology Durgapur – 713209, West Bengal, India
Keywords: B meson, Leptonic decay, Standard model, Magnetic field


The effect of magnetic fields on the leptonic decay of charged B meson B → l-v- is investigated. The decay rate of the process is calculated both in the absence and presence of magnetic field. The non-perturbative parameters fB± (B), f'B± and MB±(B) are also estimated.


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Sahoo, S.; Kumar, M. Effect of Magnetic Fields on Charged B Meson Decays. J. Nucl. Phy. Mat. Sci. Rad. A. 2020, 8, 79-83.

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