Study of the Production Cross-Sections of the Neutron-rich 184Ta and 186Ta




Cross-section, 184Ta, 186Ta, (n, p) reactions, Reactor concrete, Radiation shielding, Neutron Transmission, Beam, Tritium beams


Synthesizing nuclei through reactions that produce a reasonable yield is important for the experimental study of neutron-rich nuclei. In this study, the cross-section values of 184Ta and 186Ta nuclei in various experiments were reviewed and analysed. The experimental data of (n, p), (p, x) and (n, α) reactions were compared to identify the best reaction to produce these nuclei for further study. Our study shows that (n, p) reactions on natural Tungsten targets are the most feasible reactions with a good yield of the neutron-rich Tantalum isotopes. New reactions have been proposed for the effective synthesis of 184Ta and 186Ta using tritium beams on Hafnium targets. The cross-section values of the proposed reactions were calculated by PACE4 software simulations.


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Nagarajan, S.; Seetharaman, D.; Ramadurai, G. Study of the Production Cross-Sections of the Neutron-Rich 184Ta and 186Ta. J. Nucl. Phy. Mat. Sci. Rad. A. 2021, 9, 25-29.