Jung’s Theorem Applied in Nuclear Track Methodology

  • G. Chacin Simon Bolivar University. Physics Department. Caracas 1080A Venezuela
  • L. Sajo-Bohus Simon Bolivar University. Physics Department. Caracas 1080A Venezuela
  • J.J. Rojas Hancco Department of Physics, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Lima, Peru
  • G. Espinosa Institute of Physics, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), 04520 Mexico City
Keywords: Nuclear track density, cr-39 detectors, beam diagnostics, charged particle sources


Nuclear track density provides accelerator beam imaging and diagnostic employing CR-39 passive detectors. Counting charged particles related tracks by automated reading systems depend on the accuracy of microscope field view other that chemical etching procedure and frequency of overlapped tracks. The study, to propose a method to determined track density for analyser optical field view not calibrated. The approach Jungs’ theorem, provides the area value based on the maximum distance for two selected etched tracks. Results show that the new method has its importance when microscope field view calibration is not available with precision for accelerator beam diagnostics.


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G. Chacin; L. Sajo-Bohus; J.J. Rojas Hancco; G. Espinosa. Jung’s Theorem Applied in Nuclear Track Methodology. J. Nucl. Phy. Mat. Sci. Rad. A. 2018, 6, 51-55.