Main attractions of Goa

Excursions in Goa

India is not only a hot climate, beaches and architecture, but also a unique culture that has no analogues in the world. Excursions in Goa and India are a chance to see tourist attractions, an endless variety of bright colors, warm sea and eternal summer. In addition, people come here not only for the sake of a beach holiday.

Goa is located in the very south of India, and it is this area that attracts most tourists to the resort state. The perfect combination of climate and resort infrastructure makes it possible to compare Goa and all other Indian coasts.

This region is known for an amazing variety of beach resorts, first-class hotels, resorts for divers and surfers, spas, and other entertainment that you can find in any area of Goa.

India is a huge amount of entertainment for every taste: shopping, sightseeing, excursions from Goa to interesting cities and elephant rides, scuba diving, noisy parties, unusual cuisine.

Excursions to Goa will be remembered for the atmosphere of freedom, friendliness, relaxation, noisy nightlife and a huge selection of entertainment – discos, barbecue parties, festivals, carnivals, nightclubs, theaters, musicals, excursions. The tourism industry is quite developed, and it is almost impossible to leave here without souvenirs.

If we talk about which of these attractions is the most important and memorable, then this is, of course, the Red Fort, which is a historical monument of India and UNESCO. This fort was built at the beginning of the XVII century, and although its project was developed in the XVI century, but all the work was completed completely within one year. The walls of the fort are made of red sandstone and have preserved the memory of the Inca kingdom. The easiest way to get to it is by taking an excursion from Goa.

There are magnificent beaches on the north coast of Goa. Many of them have received world quality certificates and are recommended to visit. And, of course, it is impossible to visit Goa and not admire the picturesque landscapes of the Indian Ocean. This ocean is considered one of the cleanest on the globe.

There are hotels and inns of various price categories and service levels in Goa. Overall, the service is awesome. A certain local feature, somewhat similar to Asian traditions.