Movie Review "Do you know how to keep secrets?"

Secrets of love

No matter how life develops, our heart strives for the best, faith in love and tenderness. Filmmakers have repeatedly rethought the line between romance and the pragmatic flow of everyday life, and as a compromise, I think, the genre of romantic comedy arose. Now she is more attached to the everyday life of office workers, and director Elise Durand, taking as a basis the novel by Sophie Kinsella "Can you keep a secret?" (Can You Keep a Secret?), created a comedy film of the same name. The film itself was presented on September 17 at the Oscar cinema, and will be released on the 26th.

So, in marketing Emma Corrigan, everything seems to be fine: work, guy... however, no - at work, her initiatives for marketing programs are considered "too bold", and a boyfriend exists - just "for show", which she is trying to play along with. However, in the world, everything is decided by chance - on the plane she sits down in first class, and turbulence forces her to tell all her innermost secrets to a stranger. And the next day it turns out that the "stranger" is the owner of the company, Jack Harper, young and lonely, who also has secrets...

The general mood of the picture is light and relaxed, in general, we have a kind of new fairy tale about Cinderella. However, there is a slightly different direction - in fact, when the heroine is not a toy in the hands of fate, but a young woman, self-confident, and only the first true love confuses and surprises, gives the feeling of youth to blossom... Yes, the staging of scenes often lies in the key of a sketch, something that can hardly be real life, although it seems to be the main task to convey this. The authors did not try to make the dialogues virtuosic, or bring originality to the musical accompaniment or work with the frame - everything here will be familiar to the viewer, and therefore relaxed.

The cast can be said to have "guessed" the mood of the tape, on the one hand, creating an operetta in its purest form, and on the other - distancing itself as much as possible from the mundane. The duet of Alexandra Daddario, an actress of Hungarian-Italian origin, and Tyler Hecklin, revealed to us the story of the prince already in our pragmatic times, another variation of the same Cinderella, a story that was and will be eternal. In general, yes, everything revolves around Emma and Jack here, and other actors play along with them - sincerely and directly.

What can be said in the end.... Indeed, this tape is more suitable for those for whom love has blossomed in all colors, and all other viewers will appreciate her bright and cheerful mood. After seeing the benefits of using a promo code for 1xBet bonuses, you are probably wondering where to catch it. This won’t take a lot of time. First of all, you should visit the gambling site and check its welcome bonuses. The bookmaker from time to time provides new vouchers for players from India and several other countries. You receive comp-points for every sports bet. Once you've accumulated enough of them, visit the Promo Store on the 1xBet site. It is filled with 1xbet promo code india as well as how to monitor the appearance of new bonuses: first deposit, no deposit bonuses and bonuses upon registration.